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Email Marketing Manager Position Description

We’ve been moving fast since we founded Pointer in December 2019. Since then, we’ve built and launched the initial version of our service to nearly 20 customers.

We’ve seen surprisingly deep demand from a broad cross section of customers, who are asking for way that they can grow their business. That’s where you come in: we’re looking for a full-time or part-time Email Marketing Manager to help us build our teams for our next stage of growth and development.

About the role

Marketing is the face and voice of our company and plays a key, high-impact role in how we tell our story. Our Marketing team creates world-class content and data-driven marketing solutions that communicates the value of a company to reach more customers and help them understand the potential impact Pointer or it’s clients can have on their business.

You will:

  • Design email messaging for a new business campaign.
  • Refine messaging around new product launches and customers sequences
  • Collaborate on playbooks and training with the sales team.
  • Manage numerous email accounts and services for various clients
  • Develop once off and automated email marketing campaigns for clients
  • Integrate across systems to refine triggers and metrics

If you’re looking for an opportunity to tackle big challenges alongside some of the most talented and dynamic people you’ve ever worked with, this might be the role for you. You’ll be an integral part of the demand generation team, collaborating closely with other digital marketers who focus on social media, web and content marketing. Your team will also work closely with our sales roles including our sales development reps, customer c=success managers and account executives in both supporting their operations, and their consulting on clients sles journeys and implementations.  In this role, you’ll use your database and technical skills to analyze a database and weekly demand acquisition reports to look for areas of opportunity. You’ll combine those findings with your creativity to develop innovative new and existing tactics around email marketing and ad retargeting to re-engage and nurture dormant leads, as well as acquire new leads. 


  • Work with our sales teams to develop highly effective cold outreach campaigns. 
  • Manage numerous email platforms, databases, and tools for various clients
  • Develop, manage, and optimize segmentation strategies for trigger campaigns based on audience analysis, behaviors, campaign performance, etc.
  • Oversee audience segmentation strategies based on insights collected across all channels (email, social, paid media, and customer data).
  • Develop strategic data-driven testing of customer email programs to maximize campaign performance and isolate campaign driver effectiveness.
  • Drive email and retargeting innovation through customer segmentation & personalization strategies.
  • Continually review existing email nurture campaigns and develop test strategies to optimize their performance.
  • Develop new audience segment insights that will be leveraged for campaign planning and testing.
  • Analyze and report on the impact of segmentation and campaign optimization tactics.
  • Develop and regularly report on the health and growth of the customer database.
  • Work with various stakeholders in marketing and sales to plan campaigns that meet forecasted targets and KPIs.
  • Work with Demand Generation and other marketing teams to build and execute campaigns that develop leads and grow opportunity pipeline.

About you

Basic qualifications:.

  • 3+ years of related database marketing and segmentation experience.
  • Proven ability to produce high deliverability campaigns
  • Product certified, or proven ability to build mail servers and hosted solutions

Preferred qualifications:

  • Analytical mindset and ability to manipulate, interpret, and communicate data sets using SQL, Tableau, Qlik, or similar applications.
  • Experience with A/B and multivariate testing.
  • Experience creating reports and dashboards in Salesforce.
  • Experience with marketing automation platforms such as Eloqua, Marketo, or Hubspot.
  • Experience with out outreach marketing automation platforms

About working at Pointer

At Pointer, we’re looking for structured thinkers full of passion, ambition, and kindness. We’d love for you apply even if your experience doesn't precisely match the job description. Your experience, skills, and interests will help you stand out—especially if your career has taken some extraordinary twists and turns. At Pointer, we welcome people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives who aren’t afraid to challenge assumptions and the status quo. Join us.

At Pointer, we:

  • Are fundamental optimists who believe we’re going to really make a significant impact in this world
  • Go to extraordinary lengths to distinguish ourselves through world-class work.
  • Prioritise quality over speed, and speed over scope.
  • Desire working with deeply kind, mission-driven people.
  • Strive to make the complex simple.
  • Use first principles to debate ideas, test assumptions, and make decisions.
  • Seek the truth by putting data above opinions.
  • Assume good intent and give tactical feedback to help each other get better.
  • Hold no ego—when our customers win, we all win.

As a company, we are seriously committed to your professional development and growth:

  • You will set your own monthly goals aligned with our ambitious strategy.
  • You will have our collective support in achieving major wins—and personal coaching from other staff.
  • You will be able to request and manage your own budget.
  • You will be encouraged to take risks, try new things, and be creative with your work.
  • You will have many opportunities to exchange and engage in feedback.
  • You will be offered continual chances to stretch yourself and raise your own bar.
  • You will be rewarded for achieving excellence and mastery.

To apply

To apply, please send a note using the contact form below and we will arrange a call. 99% of the interview process will be via phone calls, sms and emails. Some technical knowledge will need to be demonstrated via screen share or screen recordings.

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Our roles are not your standard

Read our Position Descriptions for various roles. These PD's are a bit different, but we hope to hire right. We invest a lot in our staff to become the best version of themselves. While it's a lot less common these days, we hope that our staff will be with us for life. If any of these PD's speak to you, definitely give us a call.

What Some of our staff say about working for Pointer

“We work to live, we don't live to work. We are measured on outputs, not inputs and can manage our own work as long as we are achieving the needed results”
“Its a pleasure working somewhere that success is easy to measure. If you are hitting targets, no one minds if you are walking the dog whilst on the daily standup. If fact, it is encouraged”
“Part of our KPI is spending 30 minutes a day learning. This can be any podcast, online videos, reading an interesting book.”
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