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Our Mission

Help companies scale

Sales as a service. It's probably not something you had considered before but once you know it's a possibility, it's hard to dispute the benefits of being able to outsource the hiring, training, strategy, tech, implementation and management of a sales team. Particularly when you consider the time and resources outsourcing your sales needs would free up for you to focus on your core business.

Most people hate "selling." They shudder at the thought of trying to convince a stranger why they need their service. We LOVE it. No really, we do - even now, we love that you are reading this and possibly nodding your head -perhaps even recalling the last time you had to make a "cold call." We love sales and the art, science and human psychology behind it. That's why we created Pointer.

We are in the business of helping our client's increase their sales, and scale their business quicker, easier and more effectively. We celebrate the art and science of selling by being at the cutting edge of both psychology and technology. We blend empathy and intellect to break down the barriers that generally prevent great products and services from landing in front of the people and businesses who truly want them.

To be the most professional and effective sales service

We believe that a great salesperson must be part artists, part scientist. By actually loving this stuff we are able to source likeminded sales staff. People who don't merely see sales as a "stepping stone" to their next role or career but take pride at being the best in the field.  We know that by finding these people - training, empowering and valuing them - our client's will experience the benefit an exceptional salesperson can bring. More so, we hope that our clients see a true return on their investment in us. Not just financially, but also the intangible benefits of working with us. Benefits like no longer dreading an entire part of their business.

We want our clients to love the partnerships and capability Pointer provides. In return, we promise to always give more than we take.

Equal opportunity employer

1% of profits go to charity

Staff are empowered to spend 1 day a month volunteering

Our spare sales capacity is dedicated to raising funds for charity

100% Australian Owned


What we do

What we do for you.

Sales as a Service

A revolutionary new offering allowing you  to hire a highly motivated, well trained and cohesive sales team. For a fraction of the price of a full team, you get a full suite of sales and marketing professionals

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b2b lead generation

Lead Generation

Gain lead from all streams. We attract potential clients to you using all available marketing methods, as well as go out and approach potential clients

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content marketing

Content Marketing

You clients spend a lot of time on social networks. Be it Linkedin or Instagram. . We help you engage clients online through curated content to blogs and socials

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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Pay Per Click marketing is a highly effective way to draw clients to your site. Setting up your campaign correctly is key to getting a positive return on investment

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

If you are not on the first page of Google, clients simply wont find you. We help clients find you by getting your site ranking for the keywords you need.

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Cold calling and cold-calling

Cold Calling

If there was a silver bullet for sales, this would be it. Nothing is as effective as picking up the phone. The problem is that is is very challenging. Our team loves cold calling.

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Copywriting services


Writing words that work is the single most important aspect of marketing. Nothing makes as big an impact as the messages you craft.

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Email sequencing and email automation

Email Outreach

A well curated email campaign can be highly effective when done well. When done badly, you can tarnish your brand. Both the copy and the tools need to be perfectly set up

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inside Sales

Inside Sales

Setting appointments and presenting your solution online. Let us handle the initial online meeting on your behalf to ensure that the prospect is a qualified and interested.

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Our Values

Pointer Difference 

1: Pointer has never missed a deadline. How do we do that? Well, our people never miss a deadline. That’s just not who we are. We are professionals

2: We are professionals. What makes us professionals? Professionals have the skills to get the job done. Professionals continually strive to be better. Professionals seek out feedback to improve.  Professionals don't make excuses, but focus on finding solutions. We keep our word, and we can be trusted implicitly because of this. We never compromise our values, and will do the right thing, even when it means taking a harder road. Professionals do not need constant management. We hold ourselves accountable for our thoughts, words, and actions, especially when we’ve made a mistake

3: We place great value on communication. Communication is more than just calls and emails, but updates via team boards, updates on tasks and CRM,  giving and receiving feedback, non-verbal communications, gestures and more. 

4: Resilience - Resilience is the single most important attribute at Pointer. We use the lessons we learn in overcoming adversity. We see the positive side of things, and find the opportunity in every situation. In sales, we get far more no’s than we do yes’. 
these are the reasons from the

Pointer Perspective:

We believe that the main reason to work with us comes down to who we are.

We are not just excellent sales professionals. 

We are fundamental optimists who believe we’re going to really make a significant impact on whatever we task ourselves with.

We go to extraordinary lengths to distinguish ourselves through world-class work which prioritises quality over speed, and speed over scope.

We make decisions by debating ideas, testing our assumptions, and putting data above opinions.

We’re passionate about working with kind and capable people who are able to give tactical feedback with a healthy dose of empathy and receive criticism with an equally healthy dose of curiosity.

We are resilient. we use the lessons we learn to overcome adversity, see the positive side and find the opportunity in every situation.

We strive to make the seemingly complex, simple. 

We’re proud of our achievements yet we consistently check our ego’s - knowing that when our clients win -we win.

End of story.