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What's the gap?

No seller is perfect, but, with us they are. We close their gaps so you don't fall into them
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70% of reps fail

Don't gamble on your next hire. Be assured the rep has the skills
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Training is needed

There is a right way to do things. We train your reps on how to be a professional sales rep
Professional training that's game-changing.
12-month program to enhance skills
Closing gaps, monitoring growth
Weekly training for a year
Year-long coaching
Monthly courses

Talented individuals, enabled by top trainers and coaches, are significantly more likely to succeed
We help you hire better, scale faster, win more business, and reduce the burden on management of maintaining a high-performance sales department.
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Training your sales reps

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The best sellers are the ones looking to learn.

Ambitious sales reps want to work where they will achieve career progression.

They want the best on-the-ground training program on the market today.

So ask yourself, does your training and development program stack up with the best out there?

If not, you won't attract top talent.

Pointer's program, however, is the best in class and more than 99% of the market gets.

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Pointer consistently identifies and trains the top performers

Well we believe that the one thing all sales people can sell is their own abilities.

Hiring good candidates comes down to experience - ours not theirs. Pointer only hires sales reps, and we hire a lot. That's how we have become experts at picking future sales leaders.

When we train them, we can tell very quickly who has what it takes to be a top performer. We will help you build your reps to top performers, or help you find ones that can be.
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Pointer's training program increases retention.

When you realise that the average tenure of a junior sales rep is under a year, with 70% never reaching target in that time - you have to ask yourself -what makes you so different from all the others that can't hold on to top performing reps?

The reality is:
1: Well-performing reps outlast underperforming reps.
2: Professional development is motivating and they can see the benefit in sticking around to complete our course.
3: Having mentors and peer support help reps feel like they have the support of a team to manage the mental challenges of selling.
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The smartest long-term strategy is hiring juniors now to fill your future senior roles.

Internal promotions succeed more than external hires. But your juniors have a lot more to learn. Helps them build their skills so they can be your future sales leaders.

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Pointer can save your management

How much time does your sales leadership waste ramping new hires?
Without the time investment the rep is more likely to fail

Pointer's training can reduce your management burden allowing you to operate a leaner sales team, or have your Business Develpment leader spend more time doing other activities.
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Hired, trained, coached and guaranteed.

All this training is included in our placement fees, and all fees are based on the rep succeeding
Meet pointer'S

Rep Management Team

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Eric Steeves

VP of Sales and Operations

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Ricky Pearl

Sales Management as a Service

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Reps love working with Pointer

Ali profile pic
Ali Savoji
“The team is always there to answer my questions in real time. If I need anything, its like having a sales trainer panel there to help with every decision”
Brad Lowe pic
Brad Lowe
“Having the Pointer team analyse my researching and prospecting workflows saved me hours. Honestly, how is anyone meant to figure out these very complex procedures without help?”
Francis Layf
“We don't just see potential in our colleagues; we do all that we can to help them tap into that potential and prime them for success as sales experts.”
Carl Manalec
“Being in Pointer opens up different avenues to improve and sharpen your skills as a salesperson. I've learned so much from my peers here than in all of my previous training sessions from previous roles combined.”
Hannah Quife
Hannah Quiefe
“It’s such a relief not having to figure everything out for myself. Having an experienced team there to support me allows me to get to the right answer sooner”
Asher Berlinski
“To think that some reps don’t get this level of support is scary. I am unequivocally better off because of the training and support Pointer provides”
Thiago Pimentel
“Being able to learn from the best and practice with our peers has allowed me to continuously enhance my skillset and improve my output"
Claire Holden
“Having a team of experienced BDR's in my corner to offer support and learn from has been invaluable to my success"
Jason lew pic
Jason Lew
“If anyone has the opportunity to learn how to be an SDR from Pointer, grab it with both hands”
Richard Lalonde
Richard Lalonde
I’m impressed with the quality of training and look forward to it on a weekly basis.
Lana Ashard
"I love the fact that we all come from different employment backgrounds yet we work collaboratively together and value each others input"
Saya Kent
"I love building on the existing camaraderie, diversity and friendliness that's found here at Pointer"
Jono Ryan
"I can wholeheartedly say that I would not be the SDR that I am today if not for the incredible training and support of Pointer"
Jesse Ouelette profile picture
Pointer is the best Sales Agency in Australia.  I'd trust them with anyone in my network.  They've got the blended approach to using Technology & Sales in combination to make their process accelerate ahead of your long-term goals.  Hire them with confidence and don't turn back.

Jesse Ouelette
Founder - LeadMagic
Patrick William Joyce Profile Picture
Pointer is the only sales agency that can open net new enterprise accounts reliably. I've seen it myself and have heard other positive results from multiple clients

Patrick William Joyce
Head of Inside Sales- Immersa
Advisor to: Regie.ai, OnePgr, Sales Community
Kyle Vanartsen profile pic
“What they are doing over there is next level & shouldn't go with out merit. Very happy to be able to share what the Pointer team has done for cold outbound”

Kyle vanArtsen
Director of Campaigns - LeadMagic
Tom Slocum profile picture
Pointer is incredible on quite a few levels. They helped us deploy a fully operational & scaleable outbound team.  

...If you are looking to outsource this is the company to talk to!
Tom Slocum
Founder - SD Labs
Jessie Lizak Profile field
“Best outsourced sales service to turn to when you need help with your sales”

Jessie Lizak
Chief Marketing Officer - BDEX
“I was able to receive great advice and feedback which has enhanced my sales strategy and business development game-plan. I'd highly recommend Pointer!”

Josh Nathanson
Founder and CEO
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