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The problems we found many businesses were facing:

Lightning sales

Managing your sales team is half the battle

You've already gone through all the hard work and investment required to recruit and hire a sales team.

Problem is, they can only succeed if they have the right structure and support.

X sales

People + Procedure + Technology = Success

Hiring the right people is a great start but outbound requires both correct procedure and enablement technology in order to be truly effective.

If you remove any one of these components the equation simply doesn't work.
Sales Calendar booked meetings

The time it takes to reach ROI depends on management

Even the best team of sales people, without proper management will require a significant amount of time to reach  100% effectiveness.

Only an investment in effective management can accelerate the process.
Meet pointerS

Rep Management Team

Revenue Operations Lead

Eric Steeves

VP of Sales and Operations

Ishan Mattoo


Ricky Pearl

Sales Management as a Service

Tom Slocum

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Sales Management services

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Management of your SDR's and BDR's

Your team will be supported on a daily basis by our sales leadership team. They get constant support, expert advice and a peer network of sales professionals from around the world who offer:

- Call coaching
- Weekly 1:1 sessions
- Weekly training programs
- Weekly activity tracking
- Build in progression plans (training up)
- Real time advice on tap
- Performance Improvement Plans (delivered with love when needed)

By adding one Pointer Sales Manager to your system
your entire team will perform, on average 75%-200% better.
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Full support, fractional cost

The full job function of your typical SDR/BDR manager delivered as a service for a fraction of the cost, by a global Sales Management expert.

Call coaching, email reviews, professional development, productivity coaching, advice.

Management: Activity tracking, enforced process, reporting on activity, accountability

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Onboarding and ramping up

Everyone is better at their job after doing it for a year.

Pointer helps your staff ramp up much quicker by providing real-time, synchronous and asynchronous development.

We insure your team are fully capable on the tools, and processes.

Pointer documents your onboarding process so each new team members onboarding becomes faster and more effective.
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Revenue Operations (RevOps)

We have done this before...

Don't reinvent the wheel.

Hiring Pointer is like getting a full sales consultancy prepare your systems.

Want to know how to track your SDR/BDR activity through to revenue? We got you.
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Platform options

If you do not have a sales engagement platform or prefer ours -your team can have a seat at our preconfigured (perfectly configured) platform.

Your staff get to use our state of the art CRM, Sales Engagement Platform, sales enablement tools and processes.

You still get complete oversight into your sales process, and your staff's performance. This both enables your sales team to perform, while reducing your management load.

Reps love working with Pointer

Ali profile pic
Ali Savoji
“The team is always there to answer my questions in real time. If I need anything, its like having a sales trainer panel there to help with every decision”
Brad Lowe pic
Brad Lowe
“Having the Pointer team analyse my researching and prospecting workflows saved me hours. Honestly, how is anyone meant to figure out these very complex procedures without help?”
Francis Layf
“We don't just see potential in our colleagues; we do all that we can to help them tap into that potential and prime them for success as sales experts.”
Carl Manalec
“Being in Pointer opens up different avenues to improve and sharpen your skills as a salesperson. I've learned so much from my peers here than in all of my previous training sessions from previous roles combined.”
Hannah Quife
Hannah Quiefe
“It’s such a relief not having to figure everything out for myself. Having an experienced team there to support me allows me to get to the right answer sooner”
Asher Berlinski
“To think that some reps don’t get this level of support is scary. I am unequivocally better off because of the training and support Pointer provides”
Thiago Pimentel
“Being able to learn from the best and practice with our peers has allowed me to continuously enhance my skillset and improve my output"
Claire Holden
“Having a team of experienced BDR's in my corner to offer support and learn from has been invaluable to my success"
Jason lew pic
Jason Lew
“If anyone has the opportunity to learn how to be an SDR from Pointer, grab it with both hands”
Richard Lalonde
Richard Lalonde
I’m impressed with the quality of training and look forward to it on a weekly basis.
Lana Ashard
"I love the fact that we all come from different employment backgrounds yet we work collaboratively together and value each others input"
Saya Kent
"I love building on the existing camaraderie, diversity and friendliness that's found here at Pointer"
Jono Ryan
"I can wholeheartedly say that I would not be the SDR that I am today if not for the incredible training and support of Pointer"
Upgrade Your Business

What if the unicorn SDR manager did exist?

No lock in contracts. We'd rather show you areturn on investment  to keep your business.

Lead Targeting

Researched and targeted prospects who are more likely to need your offering.
Winning Trophy

Best Practice Outreach

Precision targeting using calls, emails, linkedin, and even old school post. We don't spam prospects, we engage with them.

Work w. Your Systems

our systems integrate with yours to give you full oversight. If you don't have sales systems, setting them up is part of our service

Work w. Your Systems

our systems integrate with yours to give you full oversight. If you don't have sales systems, setting them up is part of our service

Work w. Your Systems

our systems integrate with yours to give you full oversight. If you don't have sales systems, setting them up is part of our service
Sales as a Service
Full inside sales team from lead generation to appointment setting
Sales outreach and sequencing
Copywriting and Social content
Team of 5 working for you
Staff training included
CRM implementation
2 appointments /week minimum
Weekly reports
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Get what you need

10% in - 100% out

Our SDR management is literally perfect. Tom, Kellen, Amelia, Saad and Eric all think it is!

Cold call telephone

Strong callers win more

Daily call coaching, role playing, and support build confidence and competence quickly
Winning Trophy

Best in class outbound enforced

We performance manage each rep to the right process, and activity. Qualitatively and quantitatively.
Cold email outreach

Emails that get responses

Get in the inbox, keep your messaging on point, and get your reply rate high. Your SDR/BDR needs support to pull this off.
Market research

Double retention

With us, your SDR/BDR is not alone. They have a massive team cheering them on. Motivation matters
Sales sequence workflow

Full outbound process management

Omni-channel, multitouch works best. Your rep can get lost i the sea of activity. We will help them be precise at scale
A question mark in a circle

Remove all uncertainty from your sales funnel.

Get expert advice rather than the opinion of your most junior hire. SDRs/BDRs cannot fluff numbers with us.
Loud speaker

Get all the facts

We work for you, not the rep. Get expert insight into your reps performance

You are not alone

Besides our structures engagement, we have asynchronous and real time availability for you and the team
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Management packages

Managed reps perform better
Dedicated Account Manager
Any sized team
Decades of experience
Align Sales and Marketing
From $995
per month
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Jesse Ouelette profile picture
Pointer is the best Outsourced Sales Agency in Australia.  I'd trust them with anyone in my network.  They've got the blended approach to using Technology & Sales in combination to make their process accelerate ahead of your long-term goals.  Hire them with confidence and don't turn back.

Jesse Ouelette
Founder - LeadMagic
Patrick William Joyce Profile Picture
Pointer is the only sales agency that can open net new enterprise accounts reliably. I've seen it myself and have heard other positive results from multiple clients

Patrick William Joyce
Head of Inside Sales- Immersa
Advisor to: Regie.ai, OnePgr, Sales Community
Jessie Lizak Profile field
“Best outsourced sales service to turn to when you need help with your sales”

Jessie Lizak
Chief Marketing Officer - BDEX
“I was able to receive great advice and feedback which has enhanced my sales strategy and business development game-plan. I'd highly recommend Pointer!”

Josh Nathanson
Founder and CEO
Kyle Vanartsen profile pic
“What they are doing over there is next level & shouldn't go with out merit. Very happy to be able to share what the Pointer team has done for cold outbound”

Kyle vanArtsen
Director of Campaigns - LeadMagic
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