Our Process



Is what you want to achieve something we can deliver?
What are the main opportunities for growth?
Can will your expected ROI be?


We present our ideas articulating the process and clearly outline what you should expect to happen.


Strategy Outbound

Research and build lists of potential clients. Systematically approach them using a multi-touch, omni channels approches

Strategy Inbound

Brand building, social media, lead magnets, SEO and web marketing to drive customers to you. (if that is part of the service you have requested) 



Measure ROI. Do more of what worked well. Scale as you grow.


What does working with us look like?

Below is a detailed process we will work through with you.

Don't read this unless you are really keen to work with us. Just joking, we are more than happy to share our process. Sales is not voodoo. It's just something we think we do very well, and that you will be better off with us doing for you. If you don't want to work with us, copy and paste point 3 the below then send it on to one of your managers and ask them to get cracking...

Step 1 - Discovery

1.1 Initial meeting - Is what you want to achieve something we can deliver? What are the main opportunities for growth? Slow and steady, or fast and aggressive? What systems are already in place that are working well? What part of the sales process do you enjoy? what parts you you hate?

1.2 Proposal - We will prepare a detailed proposal for what we think is the best approach based on your input from the initial meeting. This will highlight a 6 -12 month plan, the mix between inbound and outbound sales, and how we think your company can best handle these new leads (CRM or other systems if required)

Step 2 - Presentation

2.1 Presentation - We present our ideas articulating the process and clearly outline what you should expect to happen (how quickly you will start getting meetings). We further discuss the mix out tasks you would like us doing for you (Finding prospects through research, setting up meetings for you (or handling initial meetings online), setting up the CRM, managing the blog, SEO and demand generation content)

2.2 Negotiation - Our services are fluid, thats one of the benefits of outsourcing. You can dip your toes in the water before diving in. In this stage we make sure the commercial elements suit you. Obviously the more you spend on sales, the quicker you will grow, but your service delivery also needs to be able to cope, so getting the balance right is important.PS. At this point (two meetings and a few conversations in) you will have a great understanding of what you should do to grow your business. You still have not spent a cent. We only want clients, that will gain genuine benefit from working with us.


Step 3 - Implementation Strategy OUTBOUND

3.1 Identify data sources - Each industry is different and where to find the best contacts differs. Industry groups, Linkedin, and other databases are all used to source quality leads

3.2 Gather data - New leads professional and contact details are collected and added to our CRM for targeting

3.3 Targeted campaigns - We will set up campaigns to email, call, physically mail and connect with leads on linkedin. While there are usually 4 or 5 concurrent campaigns, the sequence would always involve 2 or 3 outreach methods

3.4 Converted leads - Converted leads move through the defined sales process to the next stage. This may be having a meeting with your team, or us demonstrating the product online. Either way, this lead is now primed for a dealStrategy Inbound

Step 4 - Implementation Strategy INBOUND

4.1 identify needs - We need to catch prospects when they are searching for solutions. We help identify what content, keywords and paid methods, and SEO would be best to inject your services into their research phase

4.2 Build content calendar - Usually there is quite a bit of content required. Blog posts, articles, social posts and occasionally podcasts and video explainers. We build a calendar that makes creating this content manageable. We also decide what content we will make, what you might do, and where we need specialists. The goal is to keep the quality and consistency up while not overspending.

4.3 Manage digital analytics - This passive method requires detailed analytics to see how effective it is. We help you measure this success through monitoring and interpreting the stats. We also look for key indicators which is how many leads have come into the pipeline from this strategy.

4.4 Converted leads - Regardless of how the leads came to find you, getting them into your pipeline is only half the battle. Just like the outbound strategy we now need to convert them. This can be done through our team calling them back and getting them to a meeting with you, performing an online presentation or any other steps required to keep the deal moving along.

Step 5 - Review

You must expect results. Each month we will report on the results of the campaigns, and all key metrics. We incorporate feedback and data analytics to tweak and improve the system. Wash and repeat. While we may be outsourced, we are very much a part of your team. As your service provider, we need to work within your systems to keep your business moving forward.


To be the most professional and effective sales service

We truly believe that sales is part art part science. That means genuinely great salesman must be both artists and scientists. We want our staff to be the very best in the field. Salesman (and woman of course) extraordinaire. We hope that our clients value to benefit an exceptional salesman can bring, and appreciate how rare the genuinely good ones are. More so, we hope that our clients see a true return on their investment in us. Not just financially, but there should be intangible benefits to working with us. We want our clients to love the partnerships and capability we bring to the party, and in return, we promise to always give more than we take.

Equal opportunity employer

1% of profits go to charity

Staff get 1 day a month to volunteer

We use spare capacity to raise funds for charity

100% Australian Owned


What we do

What we do for you.

Sales as a Service

A revolutionary new offering allowing you  to hire a highly motivated, well trained and cohesive sales team. For a fraction of the price of a full team, you get a full suite of sales and marketing professionals

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b2b lead generation

Lead Generation

Gain lead from all streams. We attract potential clients to you using all available marketing methods, as well as go out and approach potential clients

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content marketing

Content Marketing

You clients spend a lot of time on social networks. Be it Linkedin or Instagram. . We help you engage clients online through curated content to blogs and socials

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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Pay Per Click marketing is a highly effective way to draw clients to your site. Setting up your campaign correctly is key to getting a positive return on investment

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

If you are not on the first page of Google, clients simply wont find you. We help clients find you by getting your site ranking for the keywords you need.

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Cold calling and cold-calling

Cold Calling

If there was a silver bullet for sales, this would be it. Nothing is as effective as picking up the phone. The problem is that is is very challenging. Our team loves cold calling.

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Copywriting services


Writing words that work is the single most important aspect of marketing. Nothing makes as big an impact as the messages you craft.

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Email sequencing and email automation

Email Outreach

A well curated email campaign can be highly effective when done well. When done badly, you can tarnish your brand. Both the copy and the tools need to be perfectly set up

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inside Sales

Inside Sales

Setting appointments and presenting your solution online. Let us handle the initial online meeting on your behalf to ensure that the prospect is a qualified and interested.

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Meet the Makers

Our Leadership Team

Our team is both location based with remote teams around Australia. Our callers are all local to the area they call. We are proud to help build Australian business

Ricky Pearl
Creative Director
Justine Gaitz
VP of Sales and Operations
Ishan Mattoo
“You can have everything you want in life, if you will just help people get what they want”
Zig Ziglar

Why Pointer

Besides the skills we bring and the service we offer, Pointer has a 'Point Of Difference'. We get excited about sales. Our cold callers (actually Sales Development Representatives SDRs) love making calls. To them, the daily challenge is a thrill. Our email marketers challenge themselves and each other on success rates. We are aggressive (in a nice way) in how we try to succeed. We are the sales team you always wanted, and now you can have. Read more on the top ten reasons to use our service.

10 reasons to work with us
Our Values

Pointer Difference 

1: Pointer has never missed a deadline. How do we do that? Well, our people never miss a deadline. That’s just not who we are. We are professionals

2: We are professionals. What makes us professionals? Professionals have the skills to get the job done. Professionals continually strive to be better. Professionals seek out feedback to improve.  Professionals don't make excuses, but focus on finding solutions. We keep our word, and we can be trusted implicitly because of this. We never compromise our values, and will do the right thing, even when it means taking a harder road. Professionals do not need constant management. We hold ourselves accountable for our thoughts, words, and actions, especially when we’ve made a mistake

3: We place great value on communication. Communication is more than just calls and emails, but updates via team boards, updates on tasks and CRM,  giving and receiving feedback, non-verbal communications, gestures and more. 

4: Resilience - Resilience is the single most important attribute at Pointer. We use the lessons we learn in overcoming adversity. We see the positive side of things, and find the opportunity in every situation.