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Lightning sales
Hiring, training and then retaining a junior sales person is no mean feat.
X sales
Reduce management burden by bringing in trained and ready-to-perform outbound expertise.
Sales Calendar booked meetings
Grow faster. Reduced ramp time. Infinite retention

Recruiting, training and retaining junior sales staff is difficult. As you know, for recruiters, these positions are low value roles to fill, and the most likely to be replaced during the "warranty" period.

Pointer has a new way for you to fill these roles and generate the same or more revenue while doing so (more below 👇).

Your clients are looking to grow so they turn to outbound sales, but soon realise that it's a complicated model to get right. Their "go fast" plan, rapidly becomes a frustrating experience with a constant "recruit, train, replace" cycle.

Pointer delivers the benefits of a staff member, without the downside. On top of that, we bring a layer of expertise and skills that are difficult to hire for in junior sales roles. We know we will be most effective if we find a way to work together to fill these sales positions in a meaningful way for both you and your client.

Of course, there are times where placing sales talent in house is best. But, there are circumstances where a great contractor might be better and you may want to consider working with us:

  1. A decent SDR's ability to fetch a higher salary in the market increases by approximately 5% PER MONTH. Unless the company wants to keep raising salaries for the role, retention is hard.
  2. The role is seen as a stepping stone and internal promotion is expected soon after starting. If there are not enough Account Executive roles for the SDR to move into, they will be looking for new roles as soon as they have 'mastered' the SDR skills. Learning on your client's dime (and being replaced for free, by you)
  3. Most SDR's take 3 months to learn their role, and 6 months until their output is maximised. Pointer's team are already trained and will be at full speed much quicker
  4. Tools, systems and management are both major cost centres, and barriers to effective prospecting. Many organisations are not yet set up to be effective with data providers, research tools, tech stacks, technical setups and RevOps. Pointer removes a lot of complexity so they can focus on their core business.
  5. The lines between remote staff and contractors are more blurred than ever. Our team do not need to be micro-managed so working remotely should not be a barrier to delivering the best sales staff available.
  6. All these challenges are only made worst if a business only wants to fill a part time junior sales role. Whereas we offer fractional services if necessary.

Other high level benefits

  • We offer month-month services, reducing risk to your clients.
  • We mange succession and cross training.
  • Fill a position by referring Pointer position once, and never worry about it again.
  • Complete transparency. We build for your clients. We do not retain any of the IP. At any stage, if your client wanted to go in house, they will not skip a beat.

We are genuine in our intention of being good partners, and think that working with you could be a mutually beneficial experience.

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How Pointer works with your clients

Recruit, Train, Maintain and Retain

Pointer will ensure that we always have qualified and capable team members to service your clients sales needs.  Even when staff take leave, Pointers retention strategy ensures other team members can keep up with the daily work load.

Prospect Research and Engagement

We'll prospect both inbound and outbound leads , incoming enquiries, first time users, abandoned registrations, website visitors, and more. We will perform sophisticated outreach campaigns which include (but aren't limited to) calls, emails and social media engagements.

Sales Meetings and Closing

We set up meetings for existing senior staff to attend - Pointer staff might attend meetings initially to learn more about your business. We can also do early qualifying calls depending on what process is best.

Customer Success and Expansion

Pointer's team can help engage existing opportunities through awareness campaigns, and add a live call capability to your marketing efforts. Helping to increase your average customer value.

Inside Sales Teams

Pointer can be expanded to providing inside sales team functionality including full demo's to onboard new clients.

Strategy and Leadership pointers

We'll provide advice on the best practices to harden your outbound processes. We're ready to get involved in building sales processes, revenue operations and CRM upgrades

Team Access

Your client will have full access to our teams through shared slack channels for ongoing, realtime or asynchronous communication. Their Pointer team members are available for team meetings and can be on call when needed.


Your client will brief Pointer on their desired reporting schedule and metrics. Live data will be available as well as structured reports.

Pointers Costs to your client

Our full time equivalent is $9150 (ex GST) per month however our services are fractional and can be scaled as needed.

Incentives for recruiters

Initial signing pay out of 10% of your clients total spend for 1 year (paid to you monthly)
If your client increases their service with us you will also receive 10% of any increase in services
Your client remains part of the referred agreement for 12 months from your initial introduction to us. If a deal is signed with your client, they remain part of the referral agreement until such time as the client has ceased all services for 12 months.

If agreed, a formal affiliate contract will be written and agreed


Pointer's efficiencies means your clients can achieve results faster and significantly more effectively. When our services are a better fit than hiring in house, we can still create a win-win outcome for you and your client.

We hope for a positive response and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

The below sections are for interest sake and not specific to your proposal

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Your Outsourced Sales Team

Check mark - for sales as a service
Sales as a Service
A revolutionary new offering allowing you to hire a highly motivated, well trained and cohesive sales team.

Let us build your sales pipeline while you run your business.
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Multi-Pronged Lead Generation
We help you fill your sales funnel with leads from cold outbound, and social selling

Outbound leads - we research prospects before directly approaching them using a combination of calls, emails, Linkedin and other outreach methods

Social Selling our SDR's represent your company on LinkedIn, and community groups (profile says employed by you). This is one of the most effective strategies for 2022
Check mark - for sales as a service
Sales Management
We can help you implement great sales practices with your existing staff. Think of us as your Outsources CRO. From systems to training, we can help with it all.
Check mark - for sales as a service
Customer Success
The ultimate goal is for your customers to be better off from using your product or service, We will implement proven customer success management plans on your behalf to turn your customers into advocates. leveraging your customer's success for exponential growth.
Check mark - for sales as a service
Engagement Management
Customers are researching solutions before they reach out. Asking for recommendations on Facebook, or watching Youtube explainers. Being present online means more than just having a page, but being there to engage clients. Our SDR's can manage your page for you, ready to engage leads in realtime.

What we do

Or rather, what we could do for you.

Sales as a Service

A revolutionary new offering allowing you to hire a highly motivated, well trained and cohesive sales team. For a fraction of the price of a full team, you get a full suite of sales and marketing professionals

b2b lead generation

Lead Generation

Gain lead from all streams. We attract potential clients to you using all available marketing methods, as well as go out and approach potential clients

Cold calling and cold-calling

Cold Calling

If there was a silver bullet for sales, this would be it. Nothing is as effective as picking up the phone.

Copywriting services


Writing words that work is the single most important aspect of marketing. Nothing makes as big an impact as the messages you craft.

Email sequencing and email automation

Email Outreach

A well-curated email campaign can be highly effective. When done badly, it can tarnish your brand. Both the copy and the tools need to be perfectly set up

inside Sales

Inside Sales

Setting appointments and presenting your solution online. Let us handle the initial online meeting on your behalf to ensure that the prospect is qualified and interested.

Communication and engagement

Check mark - for sales as a service
Daily Engagement
You run the business, so you need to know what is going on. Pointer makes this easy by inviting you to our team boards. you can track our activity on a daily basis and engage with us directly on each task. .
Check mark - for sales as a service
Weekly Reporting
Through our task management system and CRM you will be able to keep track on what we achieved in the week.

Your Account Manager (AM) will also be available for a weekly meeting to discuss everything the team worked on. This meeting can have a dynamic or fixed agenda of your choice, covering what is most important to you.
Check mark - for sales as a service
Monthly Report
Pointer will prepare a monthly report highlighting all of the successes and analytics for the month.
Check mark - for sales as a service
General reporting

We believe in full transparency and full accountability. Every number we dial, and call we make is recorded. Every email we send and client we engage with. These are your clients, and we work as an extension of your company.
Check mark - for sales as a service
Point of Contact

You will be assigned an account manager who will be there for you when needed. This is the best person to speak to and the advocate that will represent your needs to our team in our daily team meetings.

Specifically priced to meet your budget

Cold call telephone
100 unique prospects sequenced per month
Winning Trophy
Ongoing product training
Cold email outreach
Email, Call, Social campaigns
Market research
Social Media
Monitoring and website chat
Sales sequence workflow
Multiple touch outbound sequence for each prospect
direct mail campaign
Direct Mail Outs and mail
drop as part of campaign
Loud speaker
Handle all inbound leads to increase conversion
Market Research
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Custom packages

Full service
Scale quickly
Shift spend from marketing to sales as needed
Custom integrations with your existing technology
Dedicated account manager
From $5450
per month
Move to formal proposal stage

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