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Jessie Lizak Profile field
“Best outsourced sales service to turn to when you need help with your sales”

Jessie Lizak
Chief Marketing Officer - BDEX
Chella Kumar profile pic
“We tried numerous agencies and strategies before engaging Pointer. Pointer surpassed our expectations. What started as a pilot, ended with them helping us expand on 4 continents. The team stopped at nothing until we were getting the results”

Chella Kumar
Director - Hashout Technology
“The Pointer team blew us away - we grew much quicker than we had hoped. We struggled to keep up with demand at one point.”

Lisa Parr
General Manager- Australian Medical and Rescue Agency
Tom Slocum profile picture
Pointer is incredible on quite a few levels. They helped us deploy a fully operational & scaleable outbound team.  

...If you are looking to outsource this is the company to talk to!
Tom Slocum
VP Sales - TrainYo
Kyle Vanartsen profile pic
“What they are doing over there is next level & shouldn't go with out merit. Very happy to be able to share what the Pointer team has done for cold outbound”

Kyle vanArtsen
Director of Campaigns - LeadMagic
“A company which knows their business. Don't hesitate to work with Pointer”

Ferhat Coban Co-Founder Erik Games Software
“I was able to receive great advice and feedback which has enhanced my sales strategy and business development game-plan. I'd highly recommend Pointer!”

Josh Nathanson
Founder and CEO
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Lightning sales
Speed - reduce the time it takes to build outbound sales.
X sales
Outbound Experts - decrease management burden
Sales Calendar booked meetings
Infinite retention - we consistently hire, train and ramp for your business

I really appreciate the opportunity to explore how Pointer could work with you.

One of the main reasons leaders turn to Pointer is for our commitment to operating at the same high standard that you would expect from an in house team. We work with skilled and qualified sellers, using all the current Account Based Marketing strategies for business development, and apply a layer of sales management from true experts.

After speaking with you briefly, I believe our model could be a good fit for this market

We always establish strong working relationships with our clients so that they feel our staff are not merely contractors, but actually part of their team. That's also why we operates with full transparency - meaning you'll have access to the team, our process, inputs and outcomes.

Thanks again and looking forward to chatting further,

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The main reasons to work with us:

We recruit, train, maintain and retain

Pointer will ensure that we always have qualified and capable team members to service your outbound sales needs. 

Even when staff take leave, Pointer's retention strategy ensures other team members can keep up with the daily work load.

You are industry experts, we are sales experts

We have built proven, successful outbound processes in companies of all sizes and industries all over th world. Whilst we are constantly iterating and improving - there is no need for you to reinvent something which is already built. If you'll allow us, we'll provide advice on the best and most up to date practices to harden your outbound processes, and toolsets.

We maximise your Outbound engagement

There is no greater predictor of success than how many conversations you are having with potential customers.

We will perform sophisticated outreach campaigns which include (but aren't limited to) calls, emails and social media engagements.

We'll enhance your Inbound engagement

You have worked hard to create inbound leads, but they are only valuable if you manage to convert them. Pointer can manage your incoming enquiries, MQLs, website visitors, and more.

We have found that a combination of inbound and outbound is the ideal mix to maximise your marketing efforts. For example, we would actively call everyone who registers for your [webinar/event/conference] to engage and understand them. We would also use outbound to actively invite new prospects to that same [webinar.]

Seamless, integrated and assisted handovers

Pointer understand how to hand over from our SDRs to your team. We also have robust meeting confirmation procedure to reduce no shows.

If desired, Pointer staff can even attend meetings to make those introductions (SDR / AE handover) whilst at the same time deepening their product knowledge.

We'll be your brand advocates

SDRs help bridge the gap between marketing and sales.

Think of us as your sales influencers. By deploying SDRs to integrate fully into communities, networks and social media we can maximise your existing marketing activities.

The grunt work is our bread and butter

The work you hate doing is where we thrive.

Ultimately outbound is about starting conversations. Our SDR/BDRs will consistently pursue conversations with people who may have a need for your solution. Keeping this topped up and top of mind at all times, will fill your sales pipeline.

Our team is your team

We want you to feel like the Pointer team members are a part of your team.

We meet weekly, speak frequently, and engage daily through shared slack channels for ongoing, realtime or asynchronous communication.

You'll know what is going on at all times

We operate with 100% transparency. You'll have access to the team, our process, inputs and outcomes.

We provide the flexibility to try new things

Need to test the waters in a new market/vertical? Want to trial messaging? Our leadership team are here to help you with your vision. We run an agile operation, with footprints on four continents to get you where you want to be, quickly.

Proposed fee/Investment

Consult: $995 per month - Build your outbound system and have hands on oversight and advice on tap
Consult plus Manage: additional $995 per month to manage an SDR or BDR as if we were your in house BDR manager (coaching, performance, activity etc)
Consult plus Manage plus Hire (Full Outsource): additional $995 per month to fully outsource your SDR function to us. All other expenses (salary etc, us charged at cost to company)

Our fees are variable and can be scaled as needed - Our full time equivalent is AUD $9150 plus GST per month.
We propose we split the first month over two months ($4575 per month) to give everyone more time to set up and ramp up.

*We encourage a small commission on won deals for the SDR

Add on - Email Marketing Operating System

- Build using our cold email operating system
- The goal is to land in the inbox of every potential client
- This includes setting up email delivery systems (inbox rotation etc)
- List building and contact data enrichment for your ideal customer profiles
- Craft messaging that solicits a response to generate leads and introductions
- Use email outreach to engage your total addressable market

Total cost $3995/month for 3 months then $895/month maintenance

Let's find the right Pointer solution for your business

Our solution is scalable, and you can ramp your team up or down as needed. We are a long term solution, to a long term challenge.

To summarise below, we can provide three levels of service

Consult: Help you implement and maintain a world class outbound system
Manage: We work with YOUR inhouse SDR/BDR team to deliver your desired outcomes.
Deliver: We provide the above as a fully outsourced solution. You get the outcomes, with the least amount of effort and management burden possible.


No Lock in


per month
min team size of 3


5 month contract then monthly
Outbound process
Zero 2 Outbound Program
Project Plan oversight
Templates provided
Customised with you
Customised for you
Leadership Coaching
Outbound messaging
Reply Management
-ve managed +ve managed
-ve managed +ve managed
Objection Handling
Channel Validation
Email Delivery Monitoring
Advice on setup
Sales Enablement Tools
Sales Leadership
SDR/BDR Manager
Lead Researcher
All outreach written
Sales Ops Assistant
Process admin - eg meeting conformation
Direct Hire Option
$12 000 per SDR
Take your team in house
$12 000 per SDR
Take your team in house
Service LEVEL
Shared Slack Channel
Full team
Full team
Weekly progress meetings
Leadership, and team
Leadership, and team
Activity SLA
Response SLA
24 Hour
2 Hour
2 Hour
Attend internal meetings
100% transparency
No lock in contract
Billed Monthly
Pay by credit card
Optional extras from pointer's partner NETWORK - services managed by pointer
SDR/BDR Recruitment
$12 500
CRM setup
HubSpot configuration
Shape and Scale
$4 999
$4 999
$4 999
Salesforce Configuration
21 Kntos
$11 999
$11 999
$11 999
social selling
Daily content for Social Selling strategies
Data and list building - Below rates are only if additional services are wanted beyond our sdrs needs
Human Validated Emails
1000/m included
Validated Direct Dials
500/m included
Dedicated Sales Ops/Researcher


Pointer's efficiencies means we can achieve results faster. We further reduce your administrative burden, ramp time and overheads. Overall, you'll get a successful prospecting component in your company's revenue engine. You get outcomes quicker, with reduced risk.

We hope for a positive response and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

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Your Outsourced Sales Team

Check mark - for sales as a service
Sales as a Service
A revolutionary new offering allowing you to hire a highly motivated, well trained and fully managed sales development (SDR) team.

Focus on what you do best - we'll build your sales pipeline while you run your business.
Check mark - for sales as a service
Sales Management as a Service
Want to hire an SDR or BDR but need support in managing them?

Let us manage your business development team members.

Your team will be supported on a daily basis by our sales leadership team. They get constant support, expert advice and a peer network of sales professionals from around the world.

Team members will on average perform 75%-200% better
Check mark - for sales as a service
Sales Development Reps and Business Development Reps
Our dedicated team of Sales Development Reps (SDRs) and Business Development Reps (BDRs) manage inbound channels and outbound prospecting on your behalf.
Check mark - for sales as a service
Go-To-Market and Product Market Fit
What's your best route to market? Sure your long term goal is all referrals, product led growth (PLG), inbound leads and a strong partnership channel. But how much are your spending on Demand Generation to get there?

Pointer can help you develop a robust GTM strategy or work with you to find your Product Market Fit.
Check mark - for sales as a service
RevOps (Revenue Operations)
Enabling your sales organisation to generate revenue with tools, systems and processes that help your revenue engine hum.

RevOps aligns your marketing and sales functions from Qualification to Close.

Let us support your CRM implementation, tracking, and enablement that helps, not hinders your sales process.

What we do

Or rather, what we could do for you.

Sales as a Service

A revolutionary new offering allowing you to hire a highly motivated, well trained and cohesive sales team. For a fraction of the price of a full team, you get a full suite of sales and marketing professionals

b2b lead generation

Lead Generation

Gain lead from all streams. We attract potential clients to you using all available marketing methods, as well as go out and approach potential clients

Cold calling and cold-calling

Cold Calling

If there was a silver bullet for sales, this would be it. Nothing is as effective as picking up the phone.

Copywriting services


Writing words that work is the single most important aspect of marketing. Nothing makes as big an impact as the messages you craft.

Email sequencing and email automation

Email Outreach

A well-curated email campaign can be highly effective. When done badly, it can tarnish your brand. Both the copy and the tools need to be perfectly set up

inside Sales

Inside Sales

Setting appointments and presenting your solution online. Let us handle the initial online meeting on your behalf to ensure that the prospect is qualified and interested.

Communication and engagement

Check mark - for sales as a service
Daily Engagement
You run the business, so you need to know what is going on. Pointer makes this easy by inviting you to our team boards. you can track our activity on a daily basis and engage with us directly on each task. .
Check mark - for sales as a service
Weekly Reporting
Through our task management system and CRM you will be able to keep track on what we achieved in the week.

Your Account Manager (AM) will also be available for a weekly meeting to discuss everything the team worked on. This meeting can have a dynamic or fixed agenda of your choice, covering what is most important to you.
Check mark - for sales as a service
Monthly Report
Pointer will prepare a monthly report highlighting all of the successes and analytics for the month.
Check mark - for sales as a service
General reporting

We believe in full transparency and full accountability. Every number we dial, and call we make is recorded. Every email we send and client we engage with. These are your clients, and we work as an extension of your company.
Check mark - for sales as a service
Point of Contact

You will be assigned an account manager who will be there for you when needed. This is the best person to speak to and the advocate that will represent your needs to our team in our daily team meetings.

Outbound systems that work

Cold call telephone
Phone systems, channel validation, pre-vetted numbers
Winning Trophy
Ongoing training
Cold email outreach
Email systems that get delivered and replies
Market research
Social listening, dark funnel and social selling
Sales sequence workflow
Multiple touch outbound sequence for each prospect
direct mail campaign
All channel
Loud speaker
Handle all inbound leads to increase conversion
Market Research campaigns to prequalify and build interest
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Custom packages

No lock in contracts
Scale quickly
Shift spend from marketing to sales as needed
Integrations with your existing technology and team
Dedicated account manager
Lets do it!

Without Sales Business Fails

Nothing to lose. Start growing your business today